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Welcome to Flesh Toys for Boys, a high end men’s sex toy blog. These days, male sex toys come in all shapes and sizes – we feature a great selection of the best men’s sex toys around in one website that’s fun, easy and safe to browse. We don’t have pop-ups. We respect your privacy, and we focus on the toys without a bunch a nudity on the site.

If you haven’t tried a sex toy before, trust us, you’ll find them AWESOME. They feel a thousand times better than your hand alone and as you can see from browsing our blog, they come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s time for men to experience that same thrill that women have known about for a long time. So lube up, be brave and enjoy this amazing selection of men’s sex toys.

Real Sex Dolls, Realistic Sex Dolls

Real doll and sex dolls are top notch men's sex toys When deciding what real dolls to include in our men's sex toy blog we try to include high quality, well-made toys that we're sure our readers will love. We feature some expensive real dolls and some that are more affordable. Enjoy this selection of cutting edge men's sex toys.

More Real Dolls

Transsexual Sex Dolls, Shemale Sex Dolls

Transsexual and shemale sex dolls are all the rage right now. Featuring a hard cock, breasts, and a tight little hole to play with, shemale sex toys are awesome. Here are the most recent tranny, shemale and transsexual sex toys on our site.

More Tranny Sex Toys

Body Part Sex Toys & Sex Dolls

Body part sex toys are sex dolls and sex toys paired down to specific body parts. There are sex toy breasts, asses, legs and feet, heads and of course vaginas. These are generally cheaper than larger sex dolls and real dolls, but made of the same materials and feel just as awesome. If you fetishize a specific woman's body part, there's probably a sex toy modeled after it for you to play with.

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SexFlesh Sex Dolls & Sex Toys for Men

SexFlesh sex dolls are luxury men's sex dolls. SexFlesh is the material these dolls are made of. You can get all kinds of sex toys made from SexFlesh, but our favorite are the sex dolls. They are soft on the outside, yet firm on the inside and represent some of the best men's sex dolls currently available. SexFlesh Toys are part of a new generation of men's sex toys and manufacturers are coming out in newer and better variations all the time.

Enjoy these great new men's sex toys - our reviewers certainly do. :)

Best Gay Sex Doll
This incredible tranny sex doll is all your hottest fantasies rolled up into one life sized package.
Super hot, realistic, tasty, FUN – there are just a few of the words we […]
Men's Sex Toy - Real Doll Masturbator
The Venus de Milo of high end men's sex toys. A realistic sex doll - this is a great male toy.
Men's Sex Toy - Real Doll Masturbator
Costing more than $500, the Sexflesh Realistic Life Size Love Doll is one of the […]
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Men's Masturbators, Strokers & Fleshlights

Once called pocket pussies, these are probably the most popular men's sex toys around. They are small tubes made out of sexflesh, silicone or a similar sex toy material that you place your penis in and then use to stroke against yourself. They are essentially artificial vaginas and mouths and meant to mimic the sensations of sex.

Strokers & Fleshlights