This line of real, life-like SexFlesh sex dolls for men is AWESOME. They are all high end sex toys, which we LOVE, and we’ve been looking at quite a few of them lately. We were stoked when we saw this one . . . Amanda.

Here it is on

Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll

Amanda is a hot sex doll. She’s got great big boobs, a ribbed pussy, mouth and anus for pounding, and made entirely from SexFlesh’s custom skin like material. She is a GREAT high-end male sex toy and a top of the line sex doll.

We like that she has a cartoon quality to her. The Real Dolls can get a little creepy sometimes. [check out this one – Life Size Shemale Doll… Full Figure Sexy Transsexual Fiberglass Doll

The Amanda sex doll is 23 pounds – she seems heavy. 🙂 She measures 32 inches in length and 12 inches in width. If you’re a guy looking for a high end sex doll to get with on the side, or if you are a liberal girlfriend, wife or partner and are looking for the perfect toy for your man, this Amanda Sex Doll is hot and he will LOVE it. Check it out at

Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll

SexFlesh Amanda Real Life-like Sex Doll for Men Images

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