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SexFlesh Realistic Sex Dolls and Sex Toys

The word SexFlesh has made its way into Urbandictionary - the website where people define hipster and slang words and phrases.

They define SexFlesh as, "the new type of plastic rubber that feels exactly like human skin, especially the soft flesh of the genitals, used to make realistic sex toys."

Before it was used to make sex toys, it was actually a NASA material! When astronauts would do training or go on space flights they had to sit in seats for a LONG time, sometimes 12 hours at a stretch. Because of that they would actually get bedsores and need a soft material that would be firm, but not to firm. They came up with the material that would later become SexFlesh!

SexFlesh is the most common name for the material, but it's also called Cyberskin, TPR which stands for Thermoplastic Rubber - it's basically a high end PVC like material that's made to be safe on the skin - and Soloflesh. We've included a SoloFlesh video below so you can see what this material REALLY looks like.

Additionally, Pipedream products makes a bunch of great toys made from their variation of this material, and you can find SexFlesh toys all over this site and our other sex toy blog -

Usually you will find Sex Flesh dildos, but you can also find MANY high end masturbators and sex dolls made of SexFlesh and similar materials.

We have found that men's sex toys made from SexFlesh does feel exactly like human skin and the company that created it is making all kinds of amazing realistic and fun high end men's sex toys fashioned after various body parts.

These are generally more expensive than traditional boxed blow up sex dolls, but they are also of much higher quality. SexFlesh makes some SWEET realistic sex dolls as you can see below.

These SexFlesh sex dolls are some of the best men's sex toys on the market and sure to please.

Enjoy our picks.

SexFlesh SoloFlesh Video

This is a great video that shows a cutaway of a SexFlesh toy - the SoloFlesh. You can get a great idea of the texture as well as how stretchy the material is.

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