Best Artificial Vagina Men’s Sex Toys

There are several types of categories of men’s sex toys. One of the oldest, and the best, are artificial vaginas.

Alternately called pocket pussies, fleshlights, slippies, Fifis, etc. . .the artificial vagina has become one of the staples of the men’s sex toy chest. And with good reason. These men’s sex toys are inexpensive, small and easy to stash away, and feel amazing – a hundred times better than your hand alone!

Over the years, Fleshlight has risen to become the number one selling artificial vagina, and as a result, the most popular men’s sex toy. They are more expensive than the other vaginas on this list, but they are high-quality, come in MANY different styles, and do what they are supposed to do VERY well – get you off!

Here are some of the hottest men’s artificial vaginas we’ve found. We have not used most of these – although we can personally attest to the power of the Fleshlight as well as the less expensive men’s stroker by Colt – one of our favorite men’s sex toy manufacturers. But the buttons will take you check out the sex toys as Amazon where you can user reviews and get more information about these toys.

Best Artificial Vagina Men’s Sex Toys – Strokers

Strokers & Masturbators