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When you are preparing for your own Fifty Shades of Grey reenactment scene, a little restraint can go a long way. I am not talking about personal restraint, though showing that can certainly give you an air of detachment that can tease your partner. Physical restraint is an important part of many BDSM activities. While there are many things that you can use – under the bed restraints and rope – few things offer as many options for enjoyment as a very simple set of thumb and wrist restraints.

The BDSM Thumb and Wrist Restraints offered by Sexy Soulmate Secret are a wonderful addition to your BDSM or Fifty Shades of Grey toy box. This faux leather set is fully adjustable. It features a wide band for wrist bondage, important for comfort. The thumb restraint features an adjustable strap so that you can tighten or loosen the thumbs as needed. This is a wonderful tool for bondage and discipline and can enhance your time with your willing submissive partner.

Binding Your Partner

Have your partner hold his or her wrists together, palms facing each other, thumbs together, and fingers loosely balled. Bring the thumb strap over the thumbs and fix securely. Bring the wide band around the wrists and strap it into place. Finally, strap down the thumbs. Your submissive will be unable to loosen the wrists to wriggle free, though you can easily unfasten the restraints if needed.

This type of wrist bonding is meant for your submissive to hold hands in front of the body. The restraints can be connected to straps of other systems for multiple restraint positions. Fasten them to a door restraint to keep your partner in place, or thread rope through them to keep your submissive still on the bed, arms raised above her body. You can also lead your submissive around the room and bend him over for play at your leisure.

Safety First

When using any kind of bondage restraints, always remember Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Your Fifty Shades of Grey fun is best enjoyed when you are mindful of your partner’s safety.
  • Never fasten bonds too tight. When you fasten the restraints around the wrist, you should be able to slide a finger under the straps. Make sure that the thumbs are not bound too tightly, and watch for swelling or discoloration. Have your partner alert you to any cooling or tingling of the fingers. Also, remember that adding any other restraint device to the wrist restraint can affect the pressure applied to the wrists and circulation.

  • Always use a safe word for play. Even if you plan to only bind your partner for your intimate sexual activity, a safe word is an important signal to have. Your partner should use it any time activity needs to pause or stop. Respect the safe word, and never make your partner feel bad for using it.

  • Discuss limits, even when you are just playing with bondage. Make sure your partner is comfortable with this type of restraint, and discuss how the thumb restraint can be adjusted. Respect limits, and enjoy your play together.

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