Best Men’s Sex Toy – The Oxxy Male Masturbator

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The Oxxy Male Masturbator, Best Men's Sex Toys at Flesh Toys For Boys - Men's Sex Toy Reviews

Manufacturer: Nalone
Price (when available): $169.99
Read Reviews (Amzn): The Oxxy Male Masturbator

The Oxxy Masturbator is a high tech, rechargeable, interactive male masturbator.Equipped with Bluetooth technology, 7 vibration modes PLUS the Bluetooth Mode and a suction cup at the tip of the masturbator, this device is sure to give you an unprecedented experience.

This men's sex toy has all the bells and whistles. It's one of our favorites and you can find it for sale at Amazon. It comes from Nalone. They are a manufacturer of awesome high-tech men and women's sex toys located in China. They make high quality toys. This is one of them.

It's a rechargable, waterproof, Bluetooth enabled sex toy for men. It's made of silicone - an incredibly lifelife sex toy material that is non-porous and very fun to use.

We like a lot of things about this men's sex toy. The high-design makes it easy to handle, and the Bluetooth mode will allow the product to vibrate to the rhythm of your music - which is a great sensation and makes for a FUN afternoon.

The vibrations run up and down the length, which the suction cup at the end will give your cock a sensation not unlike a good penis pump. It looks great and feels good. We recommend water-based lube only - as we do for all silicone sex toys. The Bluetooth control works at up to 8 yards away, or 24 feet.

Here are the basic specifications of this men's sex toy.

* Materilal:Silicone
* Battery:Lithium battery
* Max noise level:less than 60dB
* Waterpoof:100% waterpoof
* Size:190mm(L)X80MM(l)

Manual stimulation modes:

1. Low vibration mode.
2. Mid vibration mode.
3.High vibration mode.
4. Low pulse vibration mode.
5. Mid pulse vibration mode.
6. High pulse vibration mode.
7. 7 short & 1 long vibration mode.

Packaging Includes

* 1 X Male Masturbation Toy Cup
* 1 X User manual
* 1 X cloth bag
* 1 X USB charger cable

Discover More: The Oxxy Male Masturbator

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