Best Sexy Halloween Gifts for Men

We’ve collected the best sexy Halloween toys and costumes for men below. Whether you want a little something for yourself or are looking to ratchet up your sex play with your husband, boyfriend or partner you’ll find something cool below. This list is by no means exhaustive, but merely some our favorite Halloween sex toys. These are some great men’s sex toys – as sexy as they are scary and as scary as they are playful. This is a great collection of men’s sex toys.

halloween-sexy-mens-giftsFleshlight Freaks Sex Toys Made For Sexy Halloweens

Fleshlight’s Freaks! models define the perfect sexy Halloween gift for men.

Fleshlights are the #1 best selling men’s sex toy, and with good reason. They are well constructed, easy to clean, easy to hide and they feel amazing. If you haven’t seen a Fleshlight, it is basically an advanced pocket pussy style masturbator for the 21st century. Just look at the pics and you can get an idea of how it works. We’ve done much more writing on this great men’s sex toy here and here.

Fleshlight makes a number of models that are perfect sexy Halloween gifts for men. With most men’s sex toys we point people to for ordering because we trust them and they are discreet, but we find that is a GREAT place for ordering Fleshlights because their site is easier to navigate and has more information about the individual toys than Amazon.

Sex Men’s Halloween Gifts: Halloween Fleshlights

The Fleshilght Alien is a way for men to live out their strange – but perhaps not strangest – sci fi fantasies of having sex with a N’aavi. That sexy alien in the movie Avatar.

The Fleshlight Succu Dry model and Drac model were made from the ground up to be a sexy halloween gift for men. The vampire teeth and batlike wings on them belie an amazing fleshy tunnel that feels amazing as it “Sucks you dry”.

sexy-borg-halloween-toyThe Cyborg Fleshlight is another fantasy come true, if that fantasy happened to be having sex with a borg. That said, when borg look like this. . . who wouldn’t want to. Also – it vibrates.

The Frankenstein Fleshlight gives us a good idea of what Dr. Frankenstein was really building in his lab. WIth an inner texture that will drive your man insane, this too, make a great sexy halloween gift.

The Zombie Fleshlight will bring his cock back to life again and again. While it’s meant to look a little rotten on the outside, like all the Halloween fleshlights in the Freaks! collection, it feels utterly amazing.


Sexy Men’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is for costumes and if you’re looking for a great way to dress up your man in a very sexy (very scary?) outfit, we’ve found them. These sexy Halloween costumes for men PROBABLY aren’t the best thing to wear at your kid’s Halloween party, but we think they are amazing and would make a great sexy Halloween gift for the right man.

Instead of writing about them all individually, we though we would just show you pictures and let you figure it out. We’ve selected a couple great BDSM outfits, a couple simply sex men’s halloween costumes and couple more that could only be catagorized as other.

Sexy Men’s Halloween Costumes – Role-playing

You can find a lot of Sex Men’s Halloween Costumes on We’ve selected our favorites for you below. These are just classic cliche sexy men’s looks. There is something for everyone on Amazon. All kinds of uniforms, historic costumes and more. These offer great opportunities not just for a sexy Halloween, but for sexy role-playing whenever you want.


Sexy Men’s Halloween BDSM Costume Pieces

These BDSM costumes are a little more hardcore than the ones above. These are as scary as they are sexy and are best not warn, as we said above, to your kid’s Halloween party. Save them for the adult Halloween party or the bedroom (dungeon?). We love these BDSM costume pieces – especially the dog mask.


Strokers & Masturbators