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Shemale sex dolls and masturbators are some pretty amazing sex toys. There are parts for everyone – an anal tunnel to thrust into, a large cock dildo to impale yourself on and large breast to fondle and ogle while you thrust and impale. Because they are so versatile, they are also great for couples. To…(Read More)

Mens' Sex Toys - Transsexual, Shemale Sex Doll

We’ve been making some more sex toy videos lately. This one is for our Transsexual Sex Toy website: We take a look at the top Gay Men’s Sex Dolls on the market. These are all great men’s sex toys. Even if you’re not gay, this is a great collection…(Read More)

Prisms Erotic Glass Devata Anal Butt Plug

Imagine the moment when desire turns carnal, when the urge to test your limits becomes more than just an urge. To satisfy these forbidden cravings we present for your enjoyment the Devata plug. View at Amazon: Prisms Erotic Glass Devata Anal Butt Plug Any aficionado of anal plugs would love to give this handsome piece…(Read More)

Electronic Prostate Stimulator - Men's Sex Toys

Sex machines come in all shapes and sizes, from massive dildo thrusters to smaller vibrators. This electronic stimulation prostate toy falls on the smaller side. But don’t let its small size fool you. This is a serious sex toy. It’s the first electronic prostate stimulator and can provide some amazing sensations. Lube it…(Read More)

Tranny Sex Doll For Men

Tranny sex dolls give you the best of both worlds. Even if you’ve never considered getting with a guy, these toys are amazing fantasy creators. This SexFlesh shemale love doll is one of the best. With a hard cock and large breasts you have many places to play with. This is a very good…(Read More)

Doc Johnson’s Titanmen series of men’s sex toys is mean to both entice AND intimidate. They are big, black, full looking sex toys for men that aren’t afraid of riding the thin border between pleasure and pain. The Rough Rider 2 is no exception. Titanmen Rough Rider 2 – Men’s Anal Sex…(Read More)

We love signature sex toys – for men AND women. Signature sex toys are where a porn star makes a mold of a body part and then makes a sex toy out of it. These have traditionally been dildos and male strokers, but lately we’ve seen a wide range of signature sex toys, from asses…(Read More)

Mia Isabella is one of the hottest Tranny Pornstars around and her line of shemale sex toys, is one of the best lines of transsexual sex toys that we’ve found. Admittedly there aren’t THAT many tranny sex toys of this quality. . .yet, but the Mia Isabella line really stands out. With full breasts…(Read More)