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Shemale sex dolls and masturbators are some pretty amazing sex toys. There are parts for everyone – an anal tunnel to thrust into, a large cock dildo to impale yourself on and large breast to fondle and ogle while you thrust and impale. Because they are so versatile, they are also great for couples. To…(Read More)

If you currently own a fleshlight or other masturbator unit you definitely want to try the Fifi. With a sleek and discreet design, it’s an ideal option if you travel a lot and want to avoid the embarrassment of your sex toys being checked. You can leave the Fifi on your nightstand at home…(Read More)

What are Cock Rings?


Fleshlights and penis pumps are among the more popular sex toys purchased by men but the cock ring is easily one of the most popular sex toys a lady will buy for her man. Why? Because the cock ring will turn a partner into a living vibrator with some devices having two multispeed vibrating cock…(Read More)

What Are Fleshlight, Men's Sex Toys

Fleshlights are shaped like a torch (or flashlight as it’s termed in the U.S.) and the general idea is that a fleshlight will simulate a vagina to offer a man the maximum amount of pleasure when masturbating or wanting to enjoy the pleasure of a woman’s genitalia. Most fleshlight masturbators come with…(Read More)

The Autoblow 2 is the hottest robotic blowjob machine available right now. It was started through a IndieGoGo campaign, which succeeded, and men around the world are better off because of it. Click here to purchase the Autoblow 2 What is a robotic blowjob machine? Exactly what the name sounds like. It’s a Fleshlight…(Read More)

Best Mens Sex Toys - Our Top Picks

Looking to get your husband a sex toy for Christmas? Want you surprise your boyfriend with a sex toy for his birthday? Or maybe you’re looking for a nice sex toy you and your partner can use in bed. Here are our choices for the top 3 men’s sex toys currently available. You…(Read More)

Perfect Men's Real Sex Doll

Do it doggy-style like never before with the TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Butt. This is the most realistic looking sex doll we have seen. It’s an amazing mold, it vibrates, and from the texture to the look, it’s an amazing men’s sex toy. Amazon: TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Butt Yes, she really…(Read More)

Mens' Sex Toys - Riley Steele Fleshlight

Go Inside Riley Steele and the Fleshlight Factory in this free video from Youtube. You’ll get up close and personal with Riley, and learn how Fleshlights are made in the process. If you don’t know who Riley Steele is – she’s a super hot porn star and one of Fleshlight’s Fleshlight Girls…(Read More)