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The Autoblow 2 is the hottest robotic blowjob machine available right now. It was started through a IndieGoGo campaign, which succeeded, and men around the world are better off because of it. Click here to purchase the Autoblow 2 What is a robotic blowjob machine? Exactly what the name sounds like. It’s a Fleshlight…(Read More)

Lovebot's Maestro Sex Machine - Robot Sex Machine

Check out our new video review of the Lovebotz Maestro Sex Machine. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel where feature the best men’s sex toys and some Sexy videos as well! Amazon: Lovebots Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine Sex Toy Video – Lovebotz Maestro Sex Machine Amazon: Lovebots Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine…(Read More)

We’ve been looking at a lot of robotic sex toys lately – like the UTOO Stormwind and the Fleshlight Vibro. We felt like a natural next step is sex Machines. We found one of the best in Lovebot’s Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine. This is a serious sex toy for people that seriously now…(Read More)