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Shemale sex dolls and masturbators are some pretty amazing sex toys. There are parts for everyone – an anal tunnel to thrust into, a large cock dildo to impale yourself on and large breast to fondle and ogle while you thrust and impale. Because they are so versatile, they are also great for couples. To…(Read More)

If you currently own a fleshlight or other masturbator unit you definitely want to try the Fifi. With a sleek and discreet design, it’s an ideal option if you travel a lot and want to avoid the embarrassment of your sex toys being checked. You can leave the Fifi on your nightstand at home…(Read More)

What Are Fleshlight, Men's Sex Toys

Fleshlights are shaped like a torch (or flashlight as it’s termed in the U.S.) and the general idea is that a fleshlight will simulate a vagina to offer a man the maximum amount of pleasure when masturbating or wanting to enjoy the pleasure of a woman’s genitalia. Most fleshlight masturbators come with…(Read More)

Best Mens Sex Toys - Our Top Picks

Looking to get your husband a sex toy for Christmas? Want you surprise your boyfriend with a sex toy for his birthday? Or maybe you’re looking for a nice sex toy you and your partner can use in bed. Here are our choices for the top 3 men’s sex toys currently available. You…(Read More)

Fleshlights are the most popular men’s sex toy on the planet -and with good reason. Fleshlights are well built, customizable with a TON of options and varieties, and they are relatively easy to camouflage and hide from pesky people you don’t want to find your sex toy.  Also – they feel amazing. On the…(Read More)

Robotic Men's Sex Toy

Amazon: Utoo Stormwind Auto Masturbator Male Sex Toy I once read a great series of articles called the Borg Effect, after the alien race of cyborgs – the Borg – in Star Trek Next Generation. The idea was simple. Robots take over the world. We’re seeing it start to happen in two ways – 1.…(Read More)

Smooth and tight –  that’s how we describe the Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight.   It’s a gentle, but ultimately a super-fun sensation.  This Fleshlight is based on a mold of pornstar Misty Stone’s pussy.  If you don’t know who Misty Stone is, we recommend searching “Misty Stone Tube” on Google. In addition…(Read More)

Bree Olson was Charlie Sheen’s pornstar girlfriend. She is hot, blonde, tight and has her own line of men’s sex toys. Check out Bree Olson’s vibrating ass and pussy in the form of the this male toy. Good stuff here from a hot, hot, hot celebrity porn star. Good stuff here…(Read More)

So you like the James Cameron movie Avatar. But do you REALLY like the James Cameron movie Avatar?  Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator Fleshlight, makers of high-end men’s sex toys, have come up with a fun toy for those that like the movie Avatar A LOT. Shaped like the pussy of a sexy blue…(Read More)

The VërSpanken fits like a cockring. You just put you cock in the middle then move it up down and all around. Big Teaze Toys Verspanken Bumpy It looks fun, the colors are great, and the concept is novel. There are two inserts that go inside the housing. They are strangely named weiners (it…(Read More)

Robotic Men’s sex toys are becoming all the rage, and with good reason. What guy doesn’t dream about a good masturbation where they don’t have to use their hands? This Robotic Male Masturbaor is a great way to make that happen. Just stick it in and turn it on. It swivels, rotates…(Read More)

Real Female Sex Doll

PDX F**k My Face Mega Masturbator- Brunette – at Who doesn’t like a quick, no hassle blow job. Now you can get one any time you want with a not-quite-creepy looking woman’s head realistic sex doll. This is a hot high end male sex toy, and because it’s…(Read More)

Everyone loves the Fleshlight. It’s the best male sex toy in the universe and the most popular on the internet. If you don’t know what a Fleshlight is, we urge to check out the Fleshlight website and see. But we often get asked to recommend Fleshlight alternatives. Because while the Fleshlight is the…(Read More)

Like Fleshlights? Of course, what warm blooded male doesn’t like Fleshlights? They’re the best selling male sex toy in the universe! But a male sex toy with a trailer? It truly is the 21st century. Love it. Here a great video featuring some hot Fleshlight Girls. Enjoy! Fleshlight Girls Extended Video Trailer Click…(Read More)

The Noon’her Naomi masturbator is a hot ebony sex toy by SexFlesh – makers of fine male sex toys and especially realistic strokers. WE LOVE THIS TOY!!!! Enuff’ said! SexFlesh Noon’her Naomi Masturbator at SexFlesh Noon’her Naomi Masturbator Description Satisfy yourself with this doggy style masturbator from SexFlesh. Feels so real…(Read More)

Sexflesh Doggy Style Masturbator on Hot realistic doggy-style masturbator from the quality male sex toy makers – Sexflesh. This great toy features a hyper-realists pussy and ass to dig into while you get yourself or your partner off. This male sex toy makes a great gift for a boyfriend or husband – they…(Read More)

Original Pink Fleshlight Review

For the past 20 years a revolution in sex toys for men has occurred that has taken men’s sex toys from the realm of novelty and placed them firmly in the hands of normal guys wanting a better, cleaner, and safer alternative to manual masturbation. Fleshlight at Amazon: The Original Pink Fleshlight I’m…(Read More)

Men's Sex Toy - Real Doll Masturbator

This line of real, life-like SexFlesh sex dolls for men is AWESOME. They are all high end sex toys, which we LOVE, and we’ve been looking at quite a few of them lately. We were stoked when we saw this one . . . Amanda. Here it is on Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll…(Read More)

A lot of people call this the best men’s sex toy you can get for the money. It’s very realistic in it’s look and feel and the mold of the body is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the best men’s sex dolls on our site and one of the best…(Read More)