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Perfect Men's Real Sex Doll

Do it doggy-style like never before with the TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Butt. This is the most realistic looking sex doll we have seen. It’s an amazing mold, it vibrates, and from the texture to the look, it’s an amazing men’s sex toy. Amazon: TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Butt Yes, she really…(Read More)

Mens' Sex Toys - Best Men's Sex Doll

SexFlesh is known for making amazing high end sex dolls. They are probably the most popular maker of high end sex toys next to Pipedream Products. But whereas Pipedream Products line of sex toys are becoming smaller but more detailed and artistic, SexFlesh sex dolls are getting bigger and more lifelike. Their 3D Diana Real…(Read More)

Best SexFlesh Sex Doll - Japanese Real Doll Real

If you like brunettes AND are in the market for a super high quality men’s sex toy, then the Seduce Me Scarlet 3D real doll from Sexflesh is definitely one you’ll want to check out. SexFlesh makes some of the most amazing real dolls and men’s sex toys around. They use their…(Read More)

Real Sex Dolls - Japenese Real Dolls

Nattiya-Sex Doll – yes, that’s the name of the company – makes high end, Japanese real sex doll. This are some of the best high end real dolls we’ve seen being made by a trustworthy manufacturer that sells through Amazon. The real dolls made by NATTIYA-SEX DOLL comes in all shapes and sizes…(Read More)

Tranny Sex Doll For Men

Tranny sex dolls give you the best of both worlds. Even if you’ve never considered getting with a guy, these toys are amazing fantasy creators. This SexFlesh shemale love doll is one of the best. With a hard cock and large breasts you have many places to play with. This is a very good…(Read More)

Men's Sex Toy Blog

Realistic ebony sex doll is is one of the top ebony men’s sex toys around. This is a great masturbator and one of Pipedream’s products best sex toys. This is a great real doll with real breasts, rib cage and pussy. Nice skin and realistic curves. Great in the shower or bed. Good…(Read More)

Mens' Sex Toys - Transsexual, Shemale Sex Doll

You can fill this Tranny Sex Doll with warm for a great sensation! But what we really like about shemale toys is that with the best ones, like this doll, you get the best of all words…(Read More)

NATTIYA-SEX is one of the best Japanese real doll makers. This sex doll is one their best. It’s life size, feels life like and puts other high end men’s sex dolls to shame. Check out the image in this sex toy review to see what we’re talking. This realist sex doll…(Read More)

Bree Olson was Charlie Sheen’s pornstar girlfriend. She is hot, blonde, tight and has her own line of men’s sex toys. Check out Bree Olson’s vibrating ass and pussy in the form of the this male toy. Good stuff here from a hot, hot, hot celebrity porn star. Good stuff here…(Read More)