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Super hot, realistic, tasty, FUN – there are just a few of the words we use to describe this amazing male masturbation toy from SexFlesh. One look at this realistic replica of a woman’s pussy and you can instantly think of many fun uses for it. Sexflesh Open Wide Male Masturbation Stroker What…(Read More)

Tranny Sex Doll For Men

Tranny sex dolls give you the best of both worlds. Even if you’ve never considered getting with a guy, these toys are amazing fantasy creators. This SexFlesh shemale love doll is one of the best. With a hard cock and large breasts you have many places to play with. This is a very good…(Read More)

Men's Sex Toy - Real Doll Masturbator

Costing more than $500, the Sexflesh Realistic Life Size Love Doll is one of the best, real sex dolls on the market – and really, in our humble opinion it is one of the best male sex toys of all time. Amazon: Sexflesh Realistic Life Size Love Doll To start with, this real doll is…(Read More)

The Noon’her Naomi masturbator is a hot ebony sex toy by SexFlesh – makers of fine male sex toys and especially realistic strokers. WE LOVE THIS TOY!!!! Enuff’ said! SexFlesh Noon’her Naomi Masturbator at SexFlesh Noon’her Naomi Masturbator Description Satisfy yourself with this doggy style masturbator from SexFlesh. Feels so real…(Read More)

Sexflesh Doggy Style Masturbator on Hot realistic doggy-style masturbator from the quality male sex toy makers – Sexflesh. This great toy features a hyper-realists pussy and ass to dig into while you get yourself or your partner off. This male sex toy makes a great gift for a boyfriend or husband – they…(Read More)

Men's Sex Toy - Real Doll Masturbator

This line of real, life-like SexFlesh sex dolls for men is AWESOME. They are all high end sex toys, which we LOVE, and we’ve been looking at quite a few of them lately. We were stoked when we saw this one . . . Amanda. Here it is on Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll…(Read More)

A lot of people call this the best men’s sex toy you can get for the money. It’s very realistic in it’s look and feel and the mold of the body is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the best men’s sex dolls on our site and one of the best…(Read More)

Sexflesh Sherris Life Size Realistic Ass We have been loving these high-end, very real looking sex dolls from SexFlesh. There’s a whole line that we’ve been talking about recently. They are pretty true to life when it comes to size, shape and texture. We definitely consider them high-end real dolls and…(Read More)

Female Sex Doll : Men's Adult Toys

We love male sex dolls and we especially love rugged, heavy duty, real sex dolls that you can REALLY play with. Lola – a semi-realistic looking, high-quality sex doll from SexFlesh – is such a doll. It’s comparable in cost and size to Pipedreams heavy duty sex dolls – another high-end men’s sex…(Read More)