Doc Johnson Titanmen Rough Rider 2 – Men’s Anal Sex Toy


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Doc Johnson Titanmen Rough Rider 2 – Men’s Anal Sex Toy
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Doc Johnson’s Titanmen series of men’s sex toys is mean to both entice AND intimidate. They are big, black, full looking sex toys for men that aren’t afraid of riding the thin border between pleasure and pain. The Rough Rider 2 is no exception.

Titanmen Rough Rider 2 – Men’s Anal Sex Toy

Basically it’s a cross between an exercise ball and a unicorn head that you ride. Just by looking at this anal toy, you can get the basic idea. You sit on the ball with the thick protuberance shoved up you ass.

Could this be a new piece of equipment for the home gym?

The blow up ball is small – about 20″ – the size of a small exercise ball. The dildo is large at 7 inches long.

They are two separate pieces that stick together – which works fine. The ball is made from a heavy rubber PVC while the dildo insert is made of a more pliable Sil-a-Gel. As you can see from the images there is a small ball on the top of the anal dildo.

Everything is solid and feels tough. It is especially fun in the bathtub, hot tub or pool where the floating ball undulating against the minute movement of the wave can provide wonderful sensations.

Doc Johnson’s Titanmen Rough Rider 2 is a good, solid toy for boys that are into anal play and intense sexual situations. Like all anal toys, and especially BIG BOY anal toys – be brave, but be careful. Go very slow at first, and then gently increase the movement, and use bucket loads of lube.

Amazon: Titanmen Rough Rider 2 – Men’s Anal Sex Toy

Doc Johnson Titanmen Rough Rider 2

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