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We do not always think about lubricant when we think of ways to enjoy sex. They are the thing that helps smooth everything out. Sometimes, a lubricant’s inclusion is an afterthought, seen as more of a mess than an enjoyment. Rarely do we consider them as ways to add or heighten our sexual pleasures.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel will help change your mind about lubricants. It is designed to deliver a tingling sensation with every touch. Whether you want to give her a sensual massage, add it to foreplay, or heighten her sensations during intercourse, this gel will give her new levels of pleasure.


A sensual massage is a wonderful way to start your intimate time. When using a gel like Fifty Shades Of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel it is best to apply it in small areas, using it on her erogenous zones. To help prepare her for intimacy, choose three erogenous zones to massage for her, and lay your partner down so that you can move between them easily. You can choose any three that you want, a woman has many along her body to choose from, and your partner may even have a few no one has thought of before. I have my three favorites here. For these, you should lay your partner on her stomach.

The Feet

Place a moderate dab of the gel onto each hand and work it into the top of her feet, just as you would any massage gel. Pay attention to her ankles, rubbing them firmly and gently to help work out any tension, and move down the top of the foot to her toes. End the massage by rubbing the bottom of her foot, working her heel, arch, and the ball of her foot.

The foot is a great place to begin your sensual touch because so much pressure is placed on them through the day. Her feet are likely to be sore and the muscles will be tight. Massaging them helps her relax instantly. Because the feet are also an erogenous zone, she will become aroused.

The Back of the Knees

The back of a woman’s knees tend to be very ticklish, but if you apply a firm rub, you can bring her a lot of pleasure. Apply a small dab of the gel to each of your thumbs and starting in the middle, rub outward. Apply enough pressure that you do not trigger a “tickle response” but be careful not to apply too much pressure. This area is very sensitive, and if your partner has to spend a good portion of her day on her feet or walking around, it can be very easy to aggravate. A gentle, but firm rub will be relaxing. This area is an erogenous zone due to the number of nerves that seem to congregate here, hence also being a tickle spot. After you massage, gently blow over the area to help trigger the tingling sensation of the gel.

The Small of Her Back

You are going to forgo her buttocks for an often-overlooked erogenous zone – the small of the back. Without using the gel – that will follow in a moment – give your partner a firm and gentle back massage along the small of her back and her hips. Massage along the top of her buttocks, but do not rub or massage the mass of them. This will have the effect of teasing her. It will also massage muscles that tense easily from all kinds of activity through the day.

Once you have spent a few minutes massaging, apply a small amount of the Fifty Shades Of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel to the thumb of one hand. With your other, rub the area at the base of her spine, just at the top of the ridge between her buttocks. Use the other hand to apply the gel, using the same strokes. Once applied, blow on the gel to excite it. Once you begin awakening the nerve clusters here, you can dance your fingers around this area, teasing her. If you and your partner are into anal play as part of your intimate time, this is the perfect time to move down to anal foreplay.

Foreplay and Intercourse

This gel is wonderful for foreplay. Use it in small amounts along her labia and her clitoris to enhance the sensation of your touch and bring her to incredible orgasms. When you are ready for intercourse, you can apply the gel to you as well, so that you increase her pleasure as you are inside her. With sensation gels, you should always be careful using them for intercourse. This gel is water based. It is also latex compatible, so you can bravely use it for intercourse.


If this is your first time using the gel with your partner, apply it to a small area on her forearm and give it a few minutes to ensure that her skin does not redden. That is a sign that she is sensitive to something in the gel. No redness means that you can go on to any massage, foreplay, and intercourse that you desire.

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