Fifty Shades Of Grey Please Sir Flogger

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Please Sir Flogger
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Fifty Shades Of Grey Please Sir Flogger, Best Men's Sex Toys - Feature Sex Toy Product Image

Manufacturer: kwanjai shop
Appx Price: $24.99

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Few things can incite a mixture of pleasure and fear like a beautiful flogger. There is something about anticipating the pinch and impact of the many throngs on bare skin that sends a shiver down the spines of submissives and masochists everywhere. If it has a sleek, sharp appearance, then all the better. That is what makes the Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger such a wonderful little toy.

The flogger is 15 inches from handle to tip, so it is very compact and discreet. If you are traveling and want to engage in a little kinky play, then this is a perfect companion. It is made of faux leather and is easy to care for and keep clean. The grip handle keeps it firmly in your hand while the wrapping keeps the thongs solidly in place.

This flogger is a perfect choice for those enticed into kink by the Trilogy, but unsure where to start. It offers firm impact without being too hard on skin not yet used to new sensations. The compact design makes it simple for novice sadists to learn and master strokes. Practice short and broad strokes, soft and hard as your partner enjoys.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Safety

Whenever we talk about kinky play, it is always important to be aware of your partner’s safety and limits. It is nice that you enjoy applying the strokes, but she has to enjoy receiving them as well – or he if the two of you are so inclined. Here are a few tips to make sure that every kinky session is pleasurable for both of you:
  • Have a safe word and heed it when it is used. The most important aspect of the safe word is to indicate something is wrong – a stroke was too hard, bonds are too tight, etc. It can also be used to call a halt or end for any reason. It is also good when establishing your safe word to set limits, including what areas are okay for striking and what level of impact is best.
  • Only strike in safe zones. The best areas for impact play are the upper thighs, front and back, and buttocks. The forearms also tend to be good areas for impact. Other areas can be struck, but with caution. You want to measure your strokes carefully and listen for signals from your partner. These areas include the back over the shoulder blades, upper arms, breasts, inner thighs, genital regions (on women), and calves. Avoid using direct strokes on any other part of the body, most especially the belly, kidneys, face, and neck.
  • The best way to play is with trust and open communication. Do not be afraid to express what you want to try with your partner and set limits. If you want to explore your limits, do so slowly and always with safety and care in mind.

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