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Impact play can be a wonderful experience, allowing you the sensation of touch, pleasure, and pain all at the same time. For those who enjoy processing pain into pleasure or who revel in their ability to take pain, impact play is an incredible rush. For those new to the realm of kink, however, the idea of impact play can seem both inviting and intimidating. For the one receiving, it is the fear and insecurity of taking the pain. For the one giving it, the concern is what happens if a strike is too hard or your partner does not enjoy the sensation of physical impact on flesh.

For couples exploring the world of kink, the Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle is an ideal tool. This small spanking paddle is ergonomically designed to fit in your palm and act as natural extension to your hand. The wrist strap ensures that you do not lose the paddle on the back swing. Its two-sided design helps you and your partner ease into impact play, letting you set soft limits and push them until you find the level of play you both enjoy.

To begin with this tool, use the soft, satin side. Under the surface is a soft cushion designed to minimize the impact of the paddle. Tease your partner by gently caressing the skin with the soft satin surface. Once he or she is delighted by the sensation, start with soft swats of the paddle, still using the satin side for impact. Increase intensity as your partner responds favorably.

Once you and your partner are ready, switch the paddle over to the faux-leather side. This side will deliver sharp, firm slaps. Begin with soft strikes and alternate between the faux-leather and soft satin to help ease your partner into the firmer impact sensations. Depending on your partner’s limits, you can begin to increase the intensity of the faux-leather impacts, monitoring your partner’s reactions as you go.

Safety and Tips

  • It is important with impact play that you keep your partner’s safety and well-being foremost in your mind. Discuss impact play and your limits so that you know what level of impact will be too much. Monitor your partner’s physical reactions and the skin where you apply impact as well. Some mild reddening of the skin is okay, but you want to be careful striking too hard or repeatedly over the same area. After play, use a gentle lotion to help sooth mildly red areas. If any welts or abrasions result from impact play, treat them with a soothing anti-biotic ointment.
  • Remember to only strike in safety zones. The best areas for impact play are the upper thighs, front and back, and buttocks. The forearms also tend to be good areas for impact. Other areas can be struck, but with caution. You want to measure your strokes carefully and listen for signals from your partner. These areas include the back over the shoulder blades, upper arms, breasts, inner thighs, genital regions (on women), and calves. Avoid using direct strokes on any other part of the body, most especially the belly, kidneys, face, and neck.
  • A safe word is always a must when you play with kink. Use it when need it and respect and heed its usage. If you are unsure about your limits, you could consider the stop light system as an alternative to the standard safe word. With this, the Top or Dominant partner checks in regularly with the bottom or submissive partner to monitor reactions. The bottom/submissive responds “green” if everything is good and can continue and increase in intensity. “Yellow” means that things are still good, but that further intensity should follow carefully. “Red” means that the limit has been found, or is very close. “Green” should only be called when the Dominant checks in. “Yellow” and “Red” can be called any time the submissive needs to draw attention to the level of impact. For those exploring limits, this system allows for easy communication so that the Dominant can monitor the pushing of a soft limit.
  • Enjoy your toy. While this tool is wonderful for beginners, you will find yourself coming back to it repeatedly as you become more experienced. The dual sensations provide all kinds of options for sensation play.

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