Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator Video


If you want a lady that’s always ready and waiting for you to slide on in and pound your way to victory then you want the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly masturbator. More than 20 pounds of super soft flesh to grab a hold of is only one of the many reasons this is such a popular masturbator.

The Fanta Flesh material is the most preferred by toy enthusiasts due to its soft, life-like texture. The vaginal entry is also soft and will engulf your member fully so that you’ll never want to pull out.

Her large round butt feels like the real thing in your hands and is ideal for slapping as you penetrate her to maximum pleasure. She has two entry points you can enjoy; vaginal and anal. She can be placed on her back or on her front to give you the perfect angle you desire.

When you’re finished, wash her up with toy cleaner and warm water and then place her back in storage until next time!

Ass Sex Toy Features

• Fanta Flesh Material
• Two Entry Holes
• Toy Cleaner & Lubricant Included
• Full-Length DVD Included
• No Batteries Required
• Water-Lubricant Safe
• 20+ pounds

We LOVE the Pipedream line of high-end masturbators and men’s sex toys. They are some of the best men’s sex toys on the market. You can check them out on Amazon at the link below, if you haven’t already.

If you’re looking looking for some of the best high end male sex toys on the market, these are them.

If Pipedream makes the best men’s sex toys, then their Fuck Me Silly series of toy’s is their line of Rolls Royce’s. We love these toys. You can see a small selection below.

These life-like toys are made of Pipe Dreams Fanta-Flesh skin, which is soft, warm and malleable. It supposed to feel like the skin of a woman, and it does – more or less. We have found that without lube it still feels a LITTLE synthetic but with lube you can’t really tell the difference. In our humble opinion, Pipedream’s Fanta-Flesh skin is the best male sex toy material on the market.

But these sex toys don’t come cheap. . .at all, but c’mon – you know they’re worth it. Be brave.

Ass Sex Doll Video

If you’re looking to a GREAT entry point into the world of men’s sex toys. These are a very good place to start. Pipedream makes a VERY good men’s sex toy. Just watch the video to see.

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