Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Review

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Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita, Best Men's Sex Toys at Flesh Toys For Boys - Men's Sex Toy Reviews

Manufacturer: Magic Eyes
Price (when available): $43.11
Read Reviews (Amzn): Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

From the deviant minds at Magic Eyes comes one of the best male Masturbation Toys we’ve reviewed in quite some time. The La Bocca Della Verita is a Fleshlight Alternative that offers men quite the unforgettable experience!

The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita is one of the most realistic feeling onahole jerk off aides available today. Two features in particular make it stand above most of its competitors.

Most comparable Masturbation Toys are molded without teeth which actually is a negative; while no one wants to be bit, the added texture of firmness pressing against our member really does add something to the experience. But not to worry, while they are more firm than the mouth they remain plenty pliable, applying just the right amount of pressure. Another unique feature of this exquisite stroker is its molded tongue. It is a separate piece that is angled perfectly to caress the underside of your shaft as you slide it deeper and deeper. Further adding to the sensory experience is the wonderfully designed throat.

Lined grooves are molded into the top of the mouth; this wavy area towards the front of our new favorite Blowjob Simulator patiently and constantly massages the top or bottom of your junk (depending on how it’s oriented) producing mind blowing (and ball bursting) results.

The middle part of the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita tapers in diameter, getting tighter and tighter as you push yourself further and further inside. And towards the back of its throat is perhaps the best feature of this amazing Fleshlight Alternative is a vacuum area built into the rear which practically pulls you deeper, encouraging you to empty yourself deep in this beauty’s oral abyss.

Constructed from Thermoplastic Elastomer, La Bocca Della Verita by Magic Eyes is highly durable and designed to withstand years of your most vigorous sessions. TPE is a rubber compound that exhibits unmatched impact and flex resistance.

It is easy to clean, requiring only warm water with a mild soap or toy cleaner. Just rinse it out with whichever solution you choose, but be sure to let it dry before its next use. And either silicone or water based lubes are just fine to use with this wonderful little Onahole.

Guys, are you ready to experience the most realistic blowjob simulation possible? Men around the world have been singing the praises of this amazing Fleshlight Alternative, and busting thousands of nuts in approval! Order yours today and feel the difference quality sex toys can make for you!

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