Men’s Bluetooth Speaker Masturbator

JIAS USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Masturbation Cup Male Vibrating Lifelike Vagina Portable Electric Masturbator Sex Toys for Men

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  • ✔BLUETOOTH SPEAKER:Connect your phone or computer to the masturbator,Play your favorite music, movie, this time it's really just a Bluetooth speaker.
  • ✔THE BEST WAY TO USE:Of course, the best way to use it is to play pornographic films, and a wonderful groan will fill your room, feel it, as if a hot girl is on your bed.
  • ✔STRONG VIBRATING:2 modes of vibration,the one is intensity changing by the voice volume and frequency,the other is manual selection between 10 intensities.
  • ✔LIFELIKE VAGINA:100% copy real girl's vagina,come with soft & elastic particles greatly enhance friction for all-around itchy stimulation.The softest material can accommodate a larger size.
  • ✔PERFECT GIFT:It is a sound box that can play beautiful music, and it is also a sex toy that all men love.It can be a surprise between husband and wife, a prank among friends, or the best reward for yourself. It can satisfy your body and soul.
This men’s sex toy is a pretty crazy sex toy. It is a hybrid bluetooth speaker and men’s masturbator. Strange, but we kind of love it.

Men’s Sex Toy & Bluetooth Speaker

Having trouble deciding to what to get for a guy in your life? This is the PERFECT gift for any man who likes music, movies, and masturbation!
Whether it’s for your partner, for a friend, or for yourself, trust us, they (or you) will be thanking you (even if you giggle about it at first, which, trust us, we did, too!) In all seriousness though, this is an all in one entertainment system in a small package.

When used as simply a bluetooth speaker, this product plays clear music and movies by connecting to your phone and is rechargable via USB.

As a sex toy, this product has TEN different manual vibrational patterns, or, it can change vibrations according to voice frequency and volume. On top of all of this, this handy-dandy, multi-functional entertainer has an extremely life-like interior, that is a 100% copy of a real woman’s vagina.

It is made from a special elastic material, that is both soft and stretchy in ways that will make your guy want to sing a song of his own in no time.

Customer recommendation: play porn through the speaker while you’re using this product intimately; it’s the closest thing to having a woman right there with you in your bedroom!

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