NJOY Stainless Steel Prostate and G-spot Stimulation Sex Toy for Men

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NJOY Stainless Steel Fun Wand Delivers Amazing Prostate and G-spot Stimulation

This is one of the prettiest, high end prostate massagers we’ve ever seen. It’s as much a small sculpture as a hot male sex toy.

NJOY is known for making cool men’s sex toys like this – slick, reflective, futuristic. What we like about this prostate massager, is that NJOY put the massager at one end with some anal beads on the other end. All in all a GREAT male sex toy.

High-End Prostate Massager Features

  • Perfectly shaped for prostate stimulation for men.
  • Provides amazing G-spot stimulation for women.
  • 100% stainless steel with an amazing mirror fini.sh
  • Great for shower, bath, pool, hot tub, airplane – wherever!

Check out this cool prostate massager on Amazon for SAFE shipping:

NJOY Stainless Steel Fun Wand Delivers Amazing Prostate and G-spot Stimulation

High-End Prostate Massager Images

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