Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette

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Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Price (when available): $147.29
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Who doesn't love Head? We sure do, and if you share our enthusiasm you'll definitely want to add the Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette to your toy collection. Constructed from fanta-flesh, it is actually softer to the touch than silicone for an ultra-realistic experience.

And did we mention she's super hot? Have your way with your fantasy girl and we think you'll keep coming back for more!

One of the first things you'll notice when you remove your new blowjob-buddy from her box is her heft. Weighing in at just over 4.5 pounds, it actually feels like a real Head between your legs as you introduce yourself to her eager mouth.

Add to this the suction cup base on which she rests, and you've just met your dream Blowjob Simulator. No matter how much banging and thrusting you do she stays put with her eager mouth yearning to be filled. Indeed, she has been designed to rock on her suction cup base to truly mimic the way your lover's head moves as you feed it more and more.

Your new Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette has been designed and tested with your needs in mind. Her mouth and throat are textured for added stimulation; just lube up, grab your blowjob simulator by the neck, back of her head, or even her real hair, and gag away!

Her realistic eyes roll back as she takes you balls deep. And no need to worry if your joy leads to feeding her some specially brewed two-ball man chowder, because she has a pass through hole in the bottom of her Head.

Another outstanding feature of your dream Blowjob Simulator is the ease of cleaning her up after you abuse her. She’s completely water safe and washable with warm water and any mild soap. Take her into the shower and we believe this will become one of your favorite times of the day!

If you strive for perfection in your blowjobs and your appetite isn’t satiated, do yourself a favor and say hello to your new Head Simulation device. The Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette is sure to exceed your expectations and will definitely leave a smile on your face and a smear across hers!

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Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette

Here is a video of the Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette men’s sex toy. It’s from Pipedream Products itself and should give you a good idea of what this amazing men’s sex toy is all about. You’ll note that this blowjob toy comes in both blonde and brunette varieties.

Amazon: Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette
Amazon: Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Face Blonde

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