Men’s Dildos and Dongs

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“The dildo is long and elegant, a classic old school moon-rocket, complete with four stabilising fins at the bottom. Each fin controls a different haptic field. A silver pussy-rocket printed to the dimensions of her vagina and vulva.” ― Ian McDonald, New Moon

Who doesn’t love a giant cock? Even if it’s made of silicone? We certainly do and wanted to share some of the most amazing synthetic men’s penises. The best thing is – all the cocks are available online for sale. Enjoy this great hand curated collection of magnificent men’s members.

Colt Men's Dildos

Colt is a gay men’s sex toy line from sex toy manufacturer California Exotics. They make SUPER HOT men’s sex toys. Some consider them THE gay men’s sex toy manufacturer. Their toys are decidedly butch and pretty hardcore. They are usually jet black and bigger than most other men’s sex toys. Most of their dildo’s are realistic in nature, but we decided to include a wide variety below.

Some people are intimidated by them. Some people are thrilled when they see them. This includes their dildos.

Colt Dildos aren’t exactly realistic, but they are fun and definitely a big part of the dildo scene (if there is such a thing!) so we decided to include them here. If you like your cocks large and a little scary, then you’ll love this collection of Colt Dildos.

SexFlesh Men's Dildos

SexFlesh is a sex toy material. It was originally developed by NASA and trickled down to the sex toy industry. That said, it was not originally made for astronaut dildos – although they would probably pass time on the space station. Instead, the material that would eventually become SexFlesh was made for astronaut seats. It’s soft, foamy and perfect for keeping your behind comfortable.

As a sex toy material, SexFlesh feels very close to real skin – especially when it’s lubed up or wet. Many, many toys are made from this material under different names like Cyberskin or FantaFlesh depending on what manufacturer is making the toy. But we like SexFlesh.

Miscellaneous Men's Dildos

There are hundreds, if not thousands of dildos out there. So we wanted to include a variety of them from different sources. This is our miscellaneous collection of dildos, dongs and realistic penises that simply didn’t fit into the other categories. They represent some of the best out there.

Some are glass dildos, some are jelly dildos, some can get blown up – we didn’t discriminate in this list. Enjoy this great collection of dildos and realistic penis sex toys for boys.

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