Sexflesh 3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Real Sex Doll

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SexFlesh is known for making amazing high end sex dolls. They are probably the most popular maker of high end sex toys next to Pipedream Products. But whereas Pipedream Products line of sex toys are becoming smaller but more detailed and artistic, SexFlesh sex dolls are getting bigger and more lifelike. Their 3D Diana Real Sex Doll is a great example.

Amazon: Sexflesh 3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Full Size Mega Sex Doll

It’s one of the first full size sex dolls we’ve see made for mass consumption that you can get easily online at stores like Amazon. As you can see from the pictures, it’s the size of a petite female.

While at first glance it looks much like other luxury sex dolls on the market, this one has a few special features you might not notice right away. First of all, the material it’s made of – SexFlesh – is top of the line. The texture and density of the material is what makes SexFlesh toys so good. If you look closely at the images of the doll, you’ll notice there are ‘multiple densities’ – the torso is made to mimic real, soft flesh over harder, taut muscle.

There are two tunnels – vagina and butt. Both are patterned to feel like the real thing. The vagina has both inner and outer labia, which is a great sensation from a sex toy. While not quite as amazing as a Fleshlight, they are quite nice and when they’re lubed up or wet feel almost exactly like an actual butt or vagina.

And unlike a Fleshlight, you can set it on the table and grab onto the rest of it while you get it on. This sex doll has GREAT breasts.

All in all the Sexflesh 3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Sex Doll measures 26 inches in length, 13 inches wide and 9 inches in height. If you haven’t tried a high end sex doll and are looking for something to comfort you in those lonely nights. . .or days. . .or ALL THE TIME, then this is a GREAT place to start. Also – if you tried blow up dolls or other, lower price sex dolls and are looking for an upgrade, look no further. SexFlesh dolls are amazing, and the 3D Diana doll is their best.

We also like that you can get it at Amazon, discreetly and from a place many people trust for shipping.

Amazon: Sexflesh 3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Full Size Mega Sex Doll

Sexflesh 3D Diana Lifelike Real Doll Images

Amazon: Sexflesh 3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Full Size Mega Sex Doll


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