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Sexflesh Bang My Body Brandi Love Doll


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Sexflesh Bang My Body Brandi Love Doll
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Why make a sex doll with no head, arms or legs like this SexFlesh Doll – Brandi? There’s a few reasons.

Most of the real dolls, or sex dolls that claim to be realistic really just look like mannequins. They have dead eyes and dead stares and when you’re getting off on top of them. It can be a little disconcerting.

Without a head you can put your own fantasy woman in it’s place. You can even use a photo.

And let’s face it. Using a high end sex toy, like this AWESOME doll, is objectifying. So if you’re going to go there – and we recommend you do, why not just go all the way. After all, it’s just a toy. . . .but oh what a fun and wonderful toy it is.

Check it out at Amazon:

Sexflesh Bang My Body Brandi 3D Love Doll

Sexflesh Bang My Body Brandi 3D Love Doll

Brandi, the Sexflesh Doll, looks like a naked Venus De Milo you would want to get down with. Spread legs let you get deep into her, with a realistic ribbed vagina and a huge, amazing set of breasts.

You can have sex with her vagina, ass, or have sex with her large Sexflesh breasts. Both holes are ribbed, and there is an easy to clean reservoir at the base (which we REALLY appreciate). She’s pliable and soft, firm and yet still a bit flexible – a harder inner core with a bit of skin that has a realistic jiggle to it.

She feels VERY lifelike – especially when she’s wet or lubed up. Brandi is the perfect sex doll for the shower, bath tub or hot tub. Use with water based lube!

Sex Doll Measurements:

  • 20 inches in length
  • 13 inches in width
  • 8 inches in height

On Amazon: Sexflesh Bang My Body Brandi 3D Love Doll

Sexflesh Bang My Body Brandi Love Doll Images

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