Sexflesh Petite Real Female Masturbator Sex Doll Men’s Toy

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We love male sex dolls and we especially love rugged, heavy duty, real sex dolls that you can REALLY play with. Lola – a semi-realistic looking, high-quality sex doll from SexFlesh – is such a doll.

It’s comparable in cost and size to Pipedreams heavy duty sex dolls – another high-end men’s sex toy maker.

SexFlesh and Pipedreams are basically the two companies that make really good sex dolls. You can check them out on our site: SexFlesh and Pipedream’s Sex Dolls.

This petite sex doll  has got a hot, realistic pussy that works as a great masturbator, as well as a tight little anus. The insides of both the pussy and anus are ribbed and pliable. There is also an open reservoir at the base that makes the doll easy to clean out.

She’s not as big as some of the other real sex dolls out there – coming in at a petite 16 inches! – but the attention to detail and the smooth SexFlesh skin make is a great sex toy for men – and with it’s short size, it’s also a great little fantasy piece for men that want a real looking sex doll to play with.

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SexFlesh Travel Sex Doll

Travel Sex Doll Features

  • Made of realistic SexFlesh material
  • Flat based and pliable
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • 16 x 11 x 9 inches ; 14 pounds

Amazon: Sexflesh Travel Sex Doll

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