Silicone Wives Online Sex Doll Store Review

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking Silicon Wives because they have only been operating as

They are an AMAZING online sex doll store, and we are big fans.  They have a huge selection of great sex dolls with a lot of customization options for each doll.

The team SW has garnered a world class reputation. Their team has been actively involved in the sexual wellness accessories industry for more than a decade each.

Additionally each and every doll is carefully inspected and business is only conducted with the most reputable sex doll manufacturers today.

This ensures that not only each doll offered through Silicon Wives’ website is of the absolute highest quality and composition but that each love doll is an authentic masterpiece as sadly the industry is rife with knock offs and poor imitations that serve only to drain the wallet and are the cause of much disappoint and buyer’s regret.

Silicone Wives Hot Sex DollSilicon Wives works with the following premium love doll makers: WM Doll, Sanhui Dolls, YL Dolls, JM Dolls, JY Dolls and Warm Doll. Each of these doll makers is top of the line and making the best sex dolls in the world.  They create the best  TPE (thermoplastic elastomer rubber) and medical grade silicon playthings you have ever seen.  Even if you are not in the market for a luxury sex doll, we recommend checking out their site just to see the different top of the line sex dolls that are currently available.

In addition to the impressive reputations each of the manufacturers that Silicon Wives gets their dolls from, Silicon Wives itself has been making its own waves within throughout the love doll community and the internet itself.

The Lad Bible even had an article where some of the makers of the dolls Silicon Wives offers were featured in an article on titled “Ever Wondered What Sort Of People Make Sex Doll? We Spoke to Two Men Who Do”.

The website featured more than one of Silicon Wives offerings on their 20+ BEST SEX DOLLS IN 2017 list and there is a doll offered by Silicon Wives website that goes by the name of Katy that’s featured in a Dublin Sex Doll Brothel and she’s received rave reviews. Silicon Wives is also featured on

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