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Artificial vaginas – also called masturbators, pocket pussies or strokers, are the basic front-end sex toys for men. They’re essentially rubber sleeves that you load with lube and rub up and down your cock. Regardless the kind you get, the feel AWESOME and even a cheap one will beat using your hand by far.

They go by many names – Masturbators, Sleeves, Fleshlights, Pocket Pussies, Tubes, Palm Pales, Little Slippies, etc. The first time you use an artificial vagina, you will thank us and it will change the way you masturbate – and up the levels of pleasure you receive from masturbation for the rest of your life.

Men's Stroker Reviews

We have a HUGE variety of men's strokers available at our store - Pleasure Cartel.

Men's Strokers at

We have a HUGE variety of men's strokers available at our store - Pleasure Cartel.

Fleshlights - The Best Men's Stroker?

You can find all kinds of masturbators online when looking for men’s sex toys. There are a few companies that stand out above the rest, however.  Look at Pipedream Products Mega Masturbator series of men’s sex toys for the best of the best. You can also find a TON of great men’s body part sex toys in SexFlesh – a sex toy material based off actual NASA technology. And finally, be sure to check out Cyberskin Toys. They are incredibly detailed, hyper-realistic, and feel AMAZING. You can find some awesome Cyberskin toys modeled after porn stars and adult models.

But perhaps our favorite is the near legendary Fleshlight.

Fleshlights have been around for awhile and are the best selling men’s sex toy. . .ever. They are well made artificial vaginas stripped down to their barest elements. While any stroker or masturbator is going to be better than your hand – Fleshlights are certainly the one of the best, and are often copied.

Two of the best things about Fleshlights are the fact that they are made from a LARGE number of adult star body molds and there is also a wide range of models available for BOTH men and women. 

Body Part Strokers = Masturbators

Strokers are often made to mimic various parts of the human body – usually the sexier parts.  

Larger sized strokers that are based on body parts are called masturbators.  These very in size and price range from the over 1k WM-Doll torso style masturbators you can find at SiliconWives, to the many different varieties you can find at our store,   You can also find a wide variety at Amazon.  We’ve highlighted some our favorite from each place below.

Masturbators are larger, and generally more awesome versions of strokers.

We’ve curated these body part sex toys from Amazon so you don’t have to wander around their site finding them (it’s not easy). If you’re looking for a sex toy breast, a nice fat sex toy ass or some sex toy legs or feet to satisfy your lovely little fetish, you’ve come to the right place. These are some of the best mid-range sex toys for men.

Clicking the masturbators, strokers and artificial vaginas below will open these toys at Amazon. They have an amazing collection of sex toys there and this is but a small fraction. That said, these DO represent some of the best men’s sex toys around. Have fun browsing!!!

Masturbators at

HIGH-QUALITY Masturbators at

Strokers for Gay Men!

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