Top 5 Realistic Sex Dolls (Real Dolls)

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Sex Dolls have evolved quite a bit since the good ol days when vinyl blow-up dolls were a joke at bachelor or frat parties. Today’s sex dolls are artfully constructed, high-end play things that any man would be excited to get his hands on (and his penis into).

We’ve collected some of our favorites below. These are the kind of men’s sex toys you would be happy to show your friends, not hide. These are the kind of men’s sex toys that you’re girlfriend, wife or partner will be jealous of, instead of make fun of you over.

In short, these are the five best men’s real dolls in the universe.

What is a Real Doll?

Admittedly, we are VERY loose with our definition of real dolls. We generally think of a real doll as any high end sex doll with enough special attention paid to detail so that it seems realistic. We don’t think they have to be from Japan, or even have arms and legs!

We have seen enough torso and body part real dolls that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing to call them real dolls in addition to your classic Japanese style real sex doll.

The F*ck Me Silly Series by Pipedream Products is a great example. They have a wide array of AMAZING realistic sex dolls that are winnowed down to the important parts. This save you from having to stare down into the vacant eyes of a mannequin while you are trying to get off.

With that in mind, below we present our picks for the top 5 Real Dolls aka our favorite realistic sex dolls.

Top 5 Realistic Sex Dolls (Real Dolls)

Here’s the best real dolls around. Admittedly, we wax pretty positive about these toys in the descriptions. But that is because they are our favorite picks and some of the hottest and best quality sex dolls on the market.


1. Solid Real Doll with Metal Skeleton, Realistic Vagina and Anus from Nattiya-Sex Doll

Solid Real Doll with Metal Skeleton Realistic Vagina and Anus

Nattiya-Sex Doll is one of the top makers of real dolls in the universe, and this high-end ($2700) real doll is one of their best.

She’s gorgeous, as you can see from the pictures, and has all the parts you would expect from a men’s sex toy of this caliber. Full, pert breast, a tight ass with cury hips, and a great face and wig make this the top real doll on our list.


2. Sexflesh Jenny 3D Extreme Love Doll Masturbator

Jenny 3D extreme is a super hot real doll. It’s made of SexFlesh – which is one of the best sex doll materials around – and this particular toy is extra heavy and durable.

Sexflesh Jenny 3D Extreme Love Doll Masturbator

It’s a very solid men’s sex toy. It’s life like in every dimension, and a good size to grab onto and real lay into. Over 16 inches long, with two holes you can bang into – as well as the breast – this is a great men’s sex toy and a solid piece of SexFlesh.


3. Multi Function Mia Isabella’s Extreme F*ck Me Silly Sex Doll

Mia Isabella’s Extreme F*ck Me Silly Shemale Real Doll

We like shemale sex dolls for a number of reasons, the best being that you get the best of both male and female sex toys. The Mia Isabella sex doll is the perfect examples – and an AWESOME sex doll. You get full breasts and a tight anus to thrust into, as well as a large stiff cock to play with. If you’re looking for a top of the line transsexual real doll, the Mia Isabella doll is a GREAT one to try on.


4. SexFlesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Real Doll

Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll

We put the SexFlesh Amanda real doll in our list of Top 5 realistic sex dolls for a couple reasons. We like that she’s a classic blond bombshell. Because many sex dolls are made in Asian companies, most have dark hair so it’s always refreshing to see a sex doll based around a buxom blonde. And this doll is buxom. With massive breasts, a full torso, and a tight hole to thrust into, this SexFlesh real doll is pretty awesome.


5. PDX F**k Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator

PDX F**k Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator

These realistic sex doll legs are more body part then real doll, but we thought we would put them on this list because they are one of the top sellers on our site – which surprised us until we tried them! We wanted to include something that THE PEOPLE choose (note – people also like the Mia Isabella Tranny Real Doll a lot as well).

These legs are life size and great to wrap yourself around when thrusting into them. Also great for people that life foot jobs or have a little foot fetish. The exquisitely molded large ass works as a cushion, makes for a very realistic effect and will spawn many days and nights of pleasurable humping!

At Flesh Toys For Boys we profile and review the best men’s sex toys in the world.    If you have a questions about a men’s sex toy, would like a sex toy reviewed, or would like to shop for some KILLER sex dolls and toys, check us out at our online store – and

AWESOME Men's Sex Toys

Hand-Curated Collection of Men's Sex Toys

We’ve hand curated this selection of men’s sex toys and real sex dolls from Amazon. These are some pretty amazing men’s sex toys.  Clicking the links below will take you to where you can order sex toys discreetly, safely and from a trusted internet source. If you’re looking for luxury sex dolls and other LUX! men’s sex toys check out our related site. .

Awesome Robotic Blowjob Machines for Men

Lads, Bros, Dudes, and Guys – why do you not  have one of these robotic blowjob machines yet?  I have a Lovebotz Machine, an Autoblow 2, a homemade sex machine (made from a juicer and a cheap Colt stroker!) and want another one of these so much. 

What you see below is the latest generation of robotic blow job machines for men.  These are our favorites.  They are awesome.  This is a great collection of robotic blowjob machines for men.

You can see a lot more robotic sex toys and sex machines at our website devoted to such things –  You’ll not only find a large selection of robotic blow job machines, but a whole range of men’s sex machines design specifically to give you levels of pleasure you have not experienced before. 

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