Versa Sex Machine


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Versa Sex Machine
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Versa Sex Machine, Best Real Dolls

Manufacturer: LoveBotz
Appx Price: $997.50
View at Amazon: Versa Sex Machine

The Versa Fuk Sex Machine from Lovebotz is one of the best, and best-selling, sex machines made.

This is because Lovebotz is gaining a reputation as a maker of amazing sex machines, and the Versa Fuk Sex Machine is their flagship model, raising the bar for this type of sex toy across the industry.

People like the Versa Fuk because of it's solid construction and it's versatility. Lovebotz knows everyone is made differently so they made a sex machine that is adjustable in a lot of different ways.

The interchangeable dildo can be tilted both horizontal or vertically which opens it up to many different angles and the length of the rod can also be adjusted to change the depth of the thrusting. This is done with large, easy-spin dials that make changing it in the midst of passion simple.

The Versa Fuk machine comes with an 8 inch rod attachment which can add a lot of additional thrusting power to it. It also comes with two different dildo attachments - a full size dildo that is 7 inches long and a tapered 6.5 inch anal dildo. Additionally, you can buy a separate Fleshlight style attachment that turns it into a GREAT sex toy for men. REALLY great. It's called Pandora's Pussy. You can check it out here:

That's because it thrusts at a top speed of about 300 RPMs which is quite fast and feels intense when you get the thruster moving against your penis. This is one of the stronger sex machine motors and we recommend A LOT of water-based lube to keep you from getting chaffed.

The Versa Fuk sex machine from Lovebotz is perhaps the best high-end sex machine currently mass-produced on the commercial sex toy market. If you're looking for some REAL sex play or masturbation - either with yourself or a partner - this is an amazing way to get satisfied. . .again and again and again.

Solid and versatile construction make this sex machine a true gem for anyone.

Versa Fuk Sex Machine Features

  • Comes with two dildo attachments
  • Comes with a silicone vibrating dildo remote
  • Horsepower and torque: 0.5 HP, 40 in-lbs, 300RPM
  • Power supply input: 100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60Hz, 1.5 Amps
  • Output: 15 volts, 4 Amps
  • 9-foot US power cord

Versa Fuk Sex Machine Measurements

  • 17.5 inches in length at base
  • 25 inches total in length including arm
  • 12.75 inches wide, 19 inches in height
  • Penis dildo: 7 inches in length, 2 inches in diameter
  • Anal dildo: 6.25 inches in length, 1.5 inches wide
  • Vibrating remote: 7.5 inches in total length, 4.5 inches insertable, 1.35 inches in diameter
  • Stroke length with 7 inch penis: Inner stroke is 3 inches, outer stroke is 10 inches
  • With extension arm: Inner stroke is 3 inches, outer stroke is 18 inches

More Information: Versa Sex Machine

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