Waterproof Turbo Robot Stroker

We’ve been thinking about the future lately, and couldn’t help but think about sex robots. So we started doing some research online and found out that the future is now. Sex robots already exist!

Waterproof Turbo Stroker

The gorgeous little waterproof robot stroker is a great example. Think of it as a vibrator for men.

Put your cock in one end. Push the magic buttons, and let the robot stroker do the rest. What red blooded man could ask for more? Girlfriends, wives and partners are nice, but a good robotic blowjob can’t be beat.

This bad boy is waterproof – which is always soooo awesome, fully automated, and takes one hand to turn on. The other hand can be freed up for. . .whatever!

It’s got three speeds and is easy to clean. Made of silicon, it has a noduled sleeve. It’s 5.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. It takes (4) AA batteries, which are not included with the toy.

We recommend you get two sets of rechargeable AA batteries – one for the stroker and one to keep charging while you using this great robot sex toy.

Check it out on Amazon: Waterproof Turbo Stroker


Waterproof Turbo Stroker

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