What Sex Toy Should I Get My Boyfriend for Christmas?

Want to get your boyfriend a sex toy for Christmas? Want to spice up your marraige and get your husband a sex toy for christmas? Or your partner?

Deciding which sex toy to get them for the holidays is not an easy choice to make, so we’ve picked two of our favorites below to help you. These are classy sex toys that won’t embarrass you or your boyfriend. While we don’t necessarity recommend putting them under the tree with the rest of your Christmas presents, these would make a great private gift to give in bed after you’re done playing santa. He will be very, very happy.

Christmas Sex Toy #1 – The Fleshlight

The first sex toy Christmas gift is an easy one – The Fleshlight. This is the world’s most popular men’s sex toy and makes a GREAT present. We recommend the classic pink Fleshlight. It’s simple, feels amazing and does what it does very well. Simply put his penis inside and stroke.

There are many Fleshlights made after the vaginas of porn stars, but for a gift from a girlfriend or wife, we find the classic pink version is the best. It’s not creepy in any way and he won’t be embarrassed if his friends find out he has one. In fact, he’ll probably brag about how awesome you are for getting him one.

You can read our full Fleshlight review here: Classic Pink Fleshlight Review

It’s a great toy and the perfect slightly perverse present from a woman to her man. For gay men, Fleshlight has a classic Fleshjack version that you can find out about at their site here: Fleshjack Gay Men’s Fleshlight.

You can get Fleshlights at Amazon or at Fleshlight.com.


Christmas Sex Toy #2 – The Autoblow 2

You’ll see the Autoblow 2 in many places on our site. That’s because it’s the hottest new men’s sex toy we’ve found. The Fleshlight is the classic men’s sex toy, but the Autoblow 2 is the hot new one that is giving it a run for its money.

The Autoblow 2 works very similar to a Fleshlight, but is robotic and is a hands free version. It takes no work and, like the Fleshlight, feels amazing. He will thank you forever if you get him an Autoblow 2.

You can read our full review of the Autoblow 2 here: Autoblow 2 Review

The only drawback is that it’s a little loud when it starts running so if you’re worried about the kids hearing you, you might opt for a Fleshlight, but if you have the aural space, we recommend this great new men’s sex toy.

While we hope this changes in the future, you can only currently get an Autoblow 2 from the manufacturer. We’ve put a link below to make it easy for you to find one. You have to dig around on their site a bit to find how to purchase, but it’s not that hard.

Purchase an Autoblow 2

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